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Wi-Fi Marketing Increases Loyalty, Sales and Insights in Customer Behaviour & Transforming the Customer Experience

  • Consumers not only expect businesses to provide free Wi-Fi, but they desire a personalized experience.
  • People are more mobile-centric than ever, and brick-and-mortar retailers need to leverage that channel for active in-venue engagement.
  • Wi-Fi happens to provide a scalable, cost effective way to do that without creating a burdensome onboarding process, like downloading a mobile app.
  • Requiring nothing more than a one-time Wi-Fi sign in, businesses can opt consumers into a marketing and loyalty program based not only on demographics, but on a real-time understanding of where they go and how they act.
  • Proximity triggered campaigns enable businesses to reach customers at the most critical time in their purchase journey - when they are in the venue.
  • The timing of a personalized message and offer may be the difference between a customer completing their purchase and shopping around for a competitor’s product.

The Future is NOW

Mobile has already established itself as the most important marketing channel.

This Branded Social Wi-Fi marketing platform is an innovative and practical way for businesses to learn more about their customers and engage them in a contextual way, without the headaches of costly app development or new technology implementation.

Loyalty really does come in all different flavors. In any sort of good customer relationship management initiative, loyalty should be one of the most important components. With the Social Wi-Fi Marketing system, we can track customer behavior and give marketing the tools and insights to increase traffic and get the most ROI from those marketing dollars by sending targeted offers.

If you’re trying to figure out how to engage customers and build stronger relationships with those customers, loyalty allows you to be targeted and send offers that are motivating and get the right people to come back.

“Data really is the third leg of the new marketing paradigm. Full stack marketers also work across the marketing technology stack to support data analysis, using a myriad of tools to help identify, attract, retain and grow revenue. The relationship with customers has never been closer, more informed or “real” to marketers. Customers are no longer considered “users, downloads, uploads, hits, etc.” They are truly considered and treated like humans. 2017 will be an incredible year for any marketer if they embrace it. Arm yourself with the knowledge to differentiate. Build a deep understanding of one or two marketing tech tools. Learn how data impacts upon your relationship with customers.”

~ Nathan Monk, Senior strategist for the MaRS Information & Communications Technology (ICT) sector.

Providing free Wi-Fi is expected by consumers and until now, it was a sunk cost.

Three’s Company Media wants to change that for our clients.

Marketing executives are excited about how seamlessly the Branded Social Wi-Fi Platform fits with their objectives, and how quickly it delivers.
When it comes to growing a list, to understanding your customers, and to delivering effective marketing messages, this is one of those few practical solutions that actually makes a difference.

Businesses successfully use this platform to retain more customers, converting at-risk patrons into regulars again. The right data presented in the right way, can make a world of difference. That’s what Three’s Company Media aims to do. We provide you with everything you need to collect the information that matters most and make sure it’s presented in a way that lends itself to action. For instance, with this platform, we can track the number of new visitors, allowing you to discern whether new marketing efforts are making a difference. Or we can watch the number of returning visitors to tell whether you’re building a loyal following. We can look into the age or gender of your customers to better understand your target audience, or monitor the average length of time people spend at your business to figure out whether people are enjoying the atmosphere. If you notice they haven’t been there in a while, you can offer an incentive the next time they come in to sustain their loyalty to you. We remind them what they loved about your business in the first place!

On the dashboard, you can view this pertinent information daily/monthly/annually and base business decisions on this new data. This information allows you to customize the messaging to your patrons.

Our clients aren’t left wondering what’s working and what’s not. They don’t have to cross their fingers and hope for a return on their investment a few months down the line. They see the results immediately. With this platform you can watch your contact list grow by leaps and bounds right before your eyes on a daily basis. See customers returning more frequently over a 30-day period. That’s why we’re so confident in recommending it.


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